Barbon Gender Pay Reporting 2020


As at 5th April 2020, Barbon reports a median pay gap of 2%. This is a reduction in the median pay gap between 2019 and 2020 of 3.5%. Our data reflects a higher proportion of female employees moving into senior level roles across the business than in previous years and therefore the gender split of the highest paid employees is closely matched.

Our gender split of “receiving bonus” and “pay quartiles” are closely matched between male and female distribution. Overall across the business we continue to employ more female employees than male employees.

To support our culture of equality, we remain committed to the following actions:

• Continue to develop our own talent to support the relatively high proportion of female staff across the business progressing their careers in Barbon all the way to senior leadership roles. This is reflected in the reduction of the pay gap by 3.5% between 2019 and 2020.

• Insist our external recruitment providers demonstrate they have searched across the market for the best talent as evidenced in the gender balance of candidates they present to us.

• Continue to promote and use flexible working options for all levels of employees, irrespective of gender, to support work/life balance and career progression

• Commit to equal pay for equal jobs irrespective of gender


Gender Pay and Bonus reporting difference between males and females

Mean Median
Pay Gap 26.5% 2.0%
Bonus Gap 13.2% 4.5%


Proportion of Males and Females who receive a bonus

Received Bonus Did Not Receive Bonus
Male 68.8% 31.2%
Female 68.6% 31.4%


Proportion of Males and females in each pay quartile

Male Female
Upper Quartile 48.4% 51.6%
Upper Mid Quartile 42.9% 57.1%
Lower Mid Quartile 39.6% 60.4%
Lower Quartile 41.8% 58.2%


Our data is accurate and has been calculated according to the requirements of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017





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